Getting There



Since we are located some about 15 km north of Malekhu, a small town 75 Km west of Kathmandu on the way to Chitwan or Pokhara, we can be reached by various means of transport. Shreeban is easily accessible by road, air, or even hiking trails. Upon request, a pickup and drop-off facility is also available.


By Bus

A scenic countryside drive from major cities of Nepal (2½ hours from Kathmandu and Chitwan – 3½ hours from Pokhara) will arrive at Malekhu. Our representative will meet you and we move towards the Nature camp.

Both local and tourist buses are available from major cities. Take a tourist bus and drop off at Malekhu or Ride a local bus to Dhading Bensi and drop off at Baireni (Malekhu-Dhading road). Please let us know in advance of pickup service along with arrival details.


En Route Hiking

After a bus ride, from both drop-off points (Malekhu or Baireni), you can enjoy short en-route hiking to Shreeban Nature Camp. Shreeban can be reached within 3-4 hours at normal hiking speed (about 2-3 miles per hour).

The short hike to Shreeban Nature Camp will lead you through the sub-tropical forest, mountain terraces, paddy or millet fields, ethnic inhabitants, and countryside.


By Cycle or Moterbike

Shreeban can be easily reached by mountain biking or motorbike. From Kathmandu or Chitwan, an approximate 5-hour cycle ride will reach Shreeban whereas from Pokhara it may take around 6 hours. Similarly motorbiking to Shreeban will take around 3½ from Kathmandu and Chitwan but some about 4 hours from Pokhara.

Please ride over Trishuli Highway (Kathmandu-Pokhara Road) to Malekhu, where you will meet a bridge linking the road to Dhading Bensi. Cross the bridge and ride over Malekhu-Dhading Besi road till Baireni. From Baireni turn left and follow our signboard or ask for Shreeban.


By Private 4WD Drive

Another easy and comfortable way to get to Shreeban Nature Camp is to take a private vehicle.

The road from Kathmandu, Chitwan, or Pokhara to Malekhu and Baireni is a highway but then onwards it is a curved gravel road along with difficult turnings so we highly recommend a 4WD drive.


By Helicopter

The fastest way to get to Shreeban Rock Climbing Nature Camp is by charter Helicopter. It is about a 20-minute flight by helicopter from Kathmandu.

For the pricing and reservation of any other details please contact us or ask your travel agency.


Since our nature camp is a bit isolated, away from city life, in a tranquil enviroment, peaceful area, almost on top of the mountain, we are not always well stocked with groceries or any other needful items. If you contact us in advance, we can be prepared and manage the stuffs as per your requirement.

Please keep in mind that you will get many things at our resort but not everything what you get in big cities and we know you too would not have such exceptions. Here we urge you to enjoy the things as available. If you have any special request, you can always tell us in advance and we shall do our best to meet your exception.